Please contact [email protected] to report any absences.
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Attendance Policy

EXCUSED ABSENCES are approved when a parent/legal guardian provides the school with a valid reason for the absence. The following are examples of what would be considered valid reasons for an excused absence:

  •   Personal illness
  •   Medical/dental appointments (for student only)
  •   Death in the family/funeral  
  •   Extreme family emergencies
  •   Educational trips
  •   Religious or other special observances

NOTE: Parents are asked to schedule medical (doctor, dentist, etc.) appointments so they do not conflict with school hours.

Please note that the school is required to file a truancy petition with the Pierce County Juvenile Court when unexcused absences accumulate during the year.  This is known as the BECCA law.  For this reason it is vitally important that you contact the main office to excuse your child's absences when they occur.


An extended absence is defined as three or more consecutive missed school days. Extended absences must be preapproved to be considered excused.  We ask that you please fill out a Prearranged Extended Absence Form(please click below to download and print the form) at least one week prior to the first date of absence. The advance notice allows for your child's teacher to prepare assignments that will be missed during the absence (if applicable). It is difficult to duplicate the classroom learning experience in which group activities and in-class participation are essential to the understanding of the lessons presented. If the school is not notified of the prolonged absence in advance, the absence may be recorded as unexcused. Students are discouraged from missing school to take trips during the school year or leaving school prior to the normal closing date.

Please note that an accumulation of absences (excused or otherwise) can have a dramatic impact on a student's progress and development. 

*Approved absences will still be tracked and action may be taken by the school to support improved attendance in accordance with Washington State law.

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