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Names underlined go to classroom websites.
Redland Beavers
Chadwick Mice
Frazier Caterpillars

Kittelson Dolphins

Humphreys Puppies
Wasell  Fish

Nolan Critters
Jung Turtles

Tanabe SeaStars

 Thomas Orcas

Jones  Seahorses

Haynes Chihuahua

  First Grade

Names underlined go to classroom websites. 

Ferguson Flamingo

Ebbers Super Heroes

Buddle Bears

North Pandas

Matson Birds

Pahlen Peacocks
Smerer Penguins

Barreto Explorers

Swan Zebras
Westlund Lady Bugs 

 Johnson Otters 

Library Den Website 

Jeanne Berg
Lynnette Crout 
 Connections!  Website        
Jeanne Berg