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Table of Contents

v Welcome Letter

v Mission Statement

v Important Rules and Expectations (in alphabetical order)

v Responsibility and Discipline Policy

v School Closure and EmergencyInformation

Welcome to Discovery Primary School

On behalf of our teachers and staff, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our school. We are excited that you and your parents are part of our school “family”. Being “family” members means you can expect certain things from us, and we in turn will expect certain things from you. This handbook explains in detail many of those expectations.

As a parent, we would like you to assist in helping your child develop responsible attitudes and behaviors. You can begin by taking time to carefully read this handbook and discussing the important expectations with your child.

As a student, our expectations are high for you. We expect you to work hard, follow the rules, be responsible for your behavior and make good choices. We look forward to working with you and your family for an exciting and enjoyable school year.


Julie Bartlett, Principal


Discovery Primary Mission Statement

 WE the staff of Discovery Primary School, are dedicated to providing our students with the academic, social and physical skills required to reach their fullest potential.

 In partnership with families and the community, we seek to provide a foundation for students to acquire the competence and responsibility to become contributing members of society and lifelong learners.


Important Rules and Expectations

(In alphabetical order)


Animals are never to be brought to school without the teacher’s permission. Under no circumstances are animals ever permitted on school buses.


Regular attendance is essential to the learning process. When a student is absent, he/she misses out on valuable learning experiences and it is impossible to make up the missed classroom experience.


State law and district policy requires daily attendance of all students, unless officially excused. Parents and students are responsible for assuring attendance. Parents must provide the school with a valid reason for an absence before it can be excused. In accordance with the state’s mandated attendance laws, if a student has 5 or more unexcused absences within a 30 day period, the school district may file a petition with the juvenile court seeking the court’s jurisdiction over the student’s attendance.

 When your child is going to be absent from school, please contact the school office at 517-1200.  For the safety of your child, if we do not hear from you the morning of the absence, we will have the automated out-dialer contact you. This call goes out at 10:00 AM every morning.  Please send a note to the teacher the day following the absence or contact the office as soon as possible.

 Absences are excused for illness, family emergency and legal appearances in court.  Absences because of vacations or other family activities must be approved ahead of time by Mrs. Bartlett, in order to be excused.

 Please refer to: Fife School District Rights and Responsibilities: Section 1 Attendance

Parents are requested to make medical and dental appointments outside the school day or during non-school time.


 If your child is going to be late because of a doctor or dentist appointment, please notify the office. Late arrival will be excused when the student arrives with a note from the doctor or dentist.  Because late arrivals are so disruptive to instruction, every 6 unexcused tardies will become an unexcused absence and BECCA procedures may be implemented.


Children attending Discovery Primary School are required to wear approved head protection bicycle helmets when riding bicycles to school. Bicycles are not to be ridden on the school grounds or on school sidewalks. Students must walk their bicycles across the street at approved crosswalks. Bicycle riders should be at the school crosswalks while under the supervision of our school crossing monitors.

 Buying, Selling, Trading

Please, no buying, selling or trading of items on school grounds. Items being sold, bought or traded will be taken and not returned to students. Parents will need to claim the items from the Principal.

 Bus Conduct and Rules

Please refer to attachment ‘B’ in the Rights and Responsibility handbook.

Care of the School

Looking after the school and care of the school environment is the responsibility of everyone in the school. This means leaving no litter and not writing or marking on walls, furniture or other school property. It means avoiding behavior that may cause damage to property (i.e. tugging door handles, slamming doors, putting paper towels in the toilet). If any damage is caused, it should be reported at once to a teacher or a staff member.

Change of Address or Phone

When changing your address or phone number, immediately notify the school office. This is important in case of an emergency.

Contacting a Teacher

Teachers are available before and after school to confer with you. During class time, please leave your number so the teacher may return your call. Sending a note with your child can also alert a teacher that you wish to be contacted. Teachers will be happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible. However, they cannot adequately answer your concerns during class time.

Dress and Appearance

Students tend to be more successful if they come dressed for their “work”. Clothing that would tend to cause distractions or be disruptive to the educational process, the classroom, or other students will not be allowed. All students must wear clothing and accessories that are deemed safe and appropriate. Specific guidelines include:

  • Shoes must be worn at all times; we recommend tennis shoes.  We ask that sandals have a back-strap and that toes be covered. (Students need shoes they can run in for P.E. movement and recess.)
  • Shirts and tops must cover the midriff and shoulders.
  • Clothing/accessories with tobacco, drug, or alcohol advertising, or sexual connotations are not permitted.
  • Gang related clothing or accessories are not permitted.
  • Sunglasses are allowed outside only – not in the building.

·         Hats are allowed outside only – not in the building.

·         Hair styles should be non-disruptive (hair out of eyes, no un-natural hair colors).

Please assist us by ensuring that your child is appropriately dressed for school. Students who are inappropriately dressed will be sent home to change, or held at the office until a parent brings a change of clothes.

Electronic Devices

Students are not allowed to bring MP3 players, ipods, or other handheld music devices, game boys or any other electronic device that interrupts the educational process. We ask that if students carry cell phones to school that they leave them in their back pack turned off during school hours.  Parents may leave messages at the office if needed. Parents please refrain from using cell phones inside Discovery Primary School and during pick up and drop off times. Our students deserve our attention during these times.

Emergency Procedures

In the event that we would need to send the children home early, it is important that each child knows what to do and where to go. Please take time to review this information with your student. More detailed information is in the back of the handbook and on District website.

Field Trips

Extending the classroom outside the walls of the school, in the form of field trips, has become an important option for learning. These trips focus on an integrated curriculum. Parents will always be informed of field trips ahead of time.

Health Room (Next to Office)

For detailed information see the Health pages on or website.

The health room is reserved for these situations:

·         An emergency station for the severely ill or injured student.

·         A waiting area for the ill or injured student before he/she is transported home or to the doctor.

·         A first aid station for those that are injured at school.

·         An area for students who are on prescribed medication. (See medication criteria for taking medication on Health pages on our website)


Generally, if your child is ill, she/he should stay at home to reduce the possibility of infecting other students and to be more comfortable. Unless we have a note from a physician, your child will be expected to participate in all school activities, including movement and recess. Children must not have had a high temperature (over 100° degrees) for 24 hours prior to returning to school.

When a student becomes ill or injured during school hours, the nurse or secretary will contact the parent or emergency contact person. Your student will remain in the nurse’s office until you or the emergency contact arrives. The adult picking up your child must sign the student out at the office.


Students attending public schools must, by state law, have been immunized against certain communicable diseases. If you do not meet those requirements, the school is forced to exclude you until you have had the mandatory immunizations. You must have on file with the school a certificate of immunization status that shows the dates you have had the shots. If your child has not had the required immunizations, you must have a medical exemption signed by a physician or a religious exemption signed by a parent.

Leaving Campus

In order for a student to leave the campus, they must:

·         Give a note to the teacher for early dismissal.

·         Have parent/guardian come to the office at the designated time and sign the student out.

·         Phoned in early dismissals will not be honored unless a parent signs the student out.

Lost and Found

Discovery Primary has a lost and found area, which is located in the hallway next to the main office. Parents and students are asked to claim lost articles. Please mark your child’s personal property with their name. This will help us return lost property. All lost and found is donated to charity in July after school ends.


Breakfast is available to all students. The price of breakfast is $2.00. Student lunch is available for $2.75. The price for adult lunch is $3.50. Milk is included with the price of lunch.  The price for milk only is $ .60.

It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure your child has a lunch provided by bringing a lunch from home or the appropriate money for lunch. In the event that a child does not have a lunch he/she will be loaned money to purchase a lunch. Payment must be returned to the office in cash the next day, so there will be funds available for the next child who needs to borrow. In the event a student goes into a negative lunch balance parents will be notified.  Following three parent notifications the student will not be permitted to purchase a hot lunch until the account is paid.

Hot lunches are served daily. Menus are sent available on the Fife website ( A count of lunches ordered is taken first thing each day. If your student is going to be late, please order ahead by phone. Meal credits may be purchased anytime during the school year in our office. Please make checks out to Discovery Primary. Online payment option is available at under the “For Parents” tab.  Look for web store.  When you click on Web Store you will select Food Services to make online payment.

Free and Reduced Meals

Under provisions of the National School Lunch Act, free and reduced prices are available to children of families who qualify. In certain cases, foster children are eligible for the benefits.Free and reduced price lunch application forms are sent home the first day of school and are given to the parents of new students upon enrollment. Occasionally, a change in family income or size during the school year may qualify students who were earlier not eligible. Should this be your case, please contact the school office. We encourage all families who might qualify to submit the application. Free breakfast is provided for all children who qualify for either free or reduced lunch.  The district does qualify for extra funds according to identified numbers of families qualifying for free or reduced lunches.

Lice -No Nit Policy

In order to control the spread of lice our school district maintains a “no-nit” policy. This means that students will not be admitted to school if there is any visible sign of lice or lice eggs (nits). If evidence of lice is discovered while the student is at school, a parent will be called to take the child home. The student may return when they have been properly treated for lice and no nits are visible in the hair. They will need to be rechecked by the school nurse prior to returning to class.

Medication at School

Oral medication will only be administered at school upon a written request from your physician. Medication must be in the original container from the pharmacy, listing your child’s name, the name of the medication, the dosage and the frequency of administration. Oral medication includes all prescription and non-prescription (over the counter) medications. Medication request forms are available through your doctor’s office or through our school office. Students may not keep any medication on their person or in their belongings. All medication is kept and dispensed through our nurse’s office. We would be happy to provide you with a Physician’s Authorization for Medication at School, which we can fax directly to your doctor’s office for you.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Fife School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  The following employee(s) has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination:

 Title IX Coordinator                                                 Section 504/ADA Coordinator

Kevin Alfano, Superintendent                                    Nancy Fitta, Director of Special Program

253-517-1000                                                          253-517-1000

Nuisance Items

Nuisance items are toys, games, and trading cards. These items should not be brought to school unless asked for by a teacher for a specific program or activity, ie. “show and tell”. If they are brought for an activity, they are to remain in the classroom until they are taken home. These objects often cause conflict and disruption. We will collect any item that presents a problem. Any items collected will be kept in the office and released to a responsible adult upon request.

Parent Conferences

Parents are encouraged to confer with teachers if they have a concern, and should call the school office to schedule an appointment. In addition, we have two regularly scheduled conferences during the school year.

Party Invitations / Class Parties

Please, if you are bringing invitations to school, there must be one for each student in the class. If you are not inviting the entire class, then invitations need to be mailed or arrangements made in another way.  At times parents like to send treats to school.  We prefer only store purchased items with ingredients listed as many children have food sensitivities or allergies. Please check with your child’s teacher prior to sending snacks.  There is also the option of putting together a goody bag of stickers, pencils, etc. as an alternative to food as well.

Personal Items/Valuables

Students should bring only those items to school that are necessary for the completion of school work. Items brought to school should be clearly marked with the student’s name. Please remember to also mark clothing and lunch boxes.


Discovery Parent Teacher Organization is a fabulous group of volunteers who work together to provide supplies and activities for the students at Discovery. This organization is very strong in promoting and caring for the needs of our students. We encourage parents to become a member. Please contact the school if you are interested in learning more about this organization.

Recess and Playground

Children go outside for fresh air and exercise unless it is extremely inclement. Since our weather can change very suddenly, our recess personnel monitor weather constantly. All recess personnel carry a walkie-talkie so they have instant communication with office staff. Please send your children with appropriate clothing. All children are expected to participate in recess activities.

Student Class Placement/Assignments

Placement of new students is made based on the information we receive when a child is registered. We work hard to create balanced classrooms with a positive learning environment for all students. Occasionally, after the first three weeks, we may move a child to a different classroom that would better fit his/her learning needs.

In April, our staff starts looking at transitioning students to the next grade. We have a form in the office that can be submitted to record your child’s needs and give input into the placement. Requests for specific teachers are not accepted. Class placement changes are not considered until school has been in session for three weeks in September. Most class placements are considered final by October 1st.

Student Pick-Up/ Drop-Off Information

The beginning and ending of the school day are important to instruction as this is when goals are set and lessons are reviewed.  Please plan appointments outside the school day whenever possible.  It is disruptive to the whole class when students are tardy or leave early.  While it is understandable that there will be occasional need to be tardy or leave early, chronic situations will require a conference with the principal to discuss solutions. (see also the absence and tardy section of this handbook).


Please notify the school office of any changes in your child’s transportation needs/changes before 2:30, so we can make sure the teacher and your child are notified. Please do not leave voice messages. You need to speak directly to a secretary when making changes to procedures. We cannot accept information as to pick up and bus changes from students; we need adult confirmation. Our Parent/Student pick-up area is at the South end of our building. There is a parking lot designated for parents and visitors. We have a staff member stationed outside to supervise students.

*Parents must park their cars in legal parking spots if they want to get out of their cars and come into the building. (No parking in bus area or fire lane).

*All students must have a written note when their after school plans are different from their usual routine.

At certain times of the day there is a lot of traffic around the school. Our priorities are:  The safety of students, parents, and staff and The efficient movement of traffic.



Our School District has a fantastic Transportation team.  Our bus drivers have hours of training and experience and are more than happy to transport your child to and from school.  We encourage every parent to use the transportation options provided by the district. 

 In the event that your child is unable to ride the bus, we have areas of the parking lot that are designated as children Drop-off and Pickup areas.  Please keep in mind, these areas are congested and will require patience, manners, and safety precautions. The following procedures are for the safety of your children: 

OBEY THE RULES OF THE ROAD: Please drive slowly and safely.

SPEED LIMIT: Please obey the speed limit signs.

CROSSWALKS:  Please model the use of crosswalks whenever possible.  This is the SAFEST place for all of us to cross, even when there is not a crossing guard outside.  When there is a crossing guard, cross only when the crossing guard is helping you.

SCHOOL PERSONNEL:  Please respect the School Personnel that are out at the crosswalks and parking lot.  They care for you and your children, and want to keep everyone safe.

CELLPHONES:  It is illegal to use cell phones while driving. Please refrain from using cell phones while dropping off or picking up children.

PARKING LOT IN FRONT OF SCHOOL: This area is for Buses only between the hours of

9:00 – 9:45 a.m. and 3:00 – 3:50 p.m.  Walking between buses is prohibited.  

SOUTH PARKING LOT (side of school): Please do not leave your car or park in the drop off/pick up area.  If you need to park and/or leave your car, please park in a parking space. You may let your children out of the car only at the South Parking Lot.


Morning Parent Drop-off Procedure

  1. Children can be dropped off between 9:05 a.m. and 9:20 a.m. A staff member is on duty to assist your child.  If you arrive late, or do not see a staff member, please park and escort your child into the building.
  2. As you arrive at the drop off area, please pull as far forward as you can. This helps with traffic congestion.
  3. Drive up to the school staff person who will then let your child out on the right side of the car.  For your child’s safety, please do not let them out on the left side. A staff member will assist your child exiting your vehicle.
  4. Do not pass other cars when dropping off. This increases the risk of accidents.
  5. If you are parking your car, please use the crosswalks.  This can be one of the first lessons you can model for your child.

Afternoon Parent Pick-up Procedure

  1. Children can be picked up at approximately 3:23 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.  
  2. The pick-up area is designated with “No Parking Loading Only” signs.
  3. Do not pass other cars when picking up. This increases the risk of accidents.
  4. Have your picture ID ready.
  5. Pick up your children on time.
  6. Feel free to park your car instead of driving up. This often helps the process run smoother.
  7. Please use the crosswalk when possible

Student Pictures

In September, individual pictures of all of our students are taken. Retakes for these pictures are generally rescheduled for November. Classroom pictures are usually taken during February. Information about specific dates and picture purchase will be sent home ahead of time. All students are encouraged to participate even if they choose not to purchase.



Technology users must sign an Acceptable Use Policy. Students are not permitted to use computers without the signed agreement. Students who abuse their computer privileges can expect to lose computer access. School discipline and consequences will apply to computer misuse or destruction.



As a safety precaution, all visitors on campus must check in at the main office. Parents who wish to visit the school or classrooms are welcome. Please prearrange visits with the office or classroom teacher and remember to check in at the office at the time of the visit.



Parents, grandparents, relatives, community members and business leaders are encouraged to become a volunteer here. We welcome volunteers in the public school and appreciate any help that would benefit our students and staff. All volunteers are required to fill out a background check.


In the event of moving, please inform the office at least one week prior to your student’s last day of school.

NOTE: Student records cannot be hand carried; they must be requested by the receiving school. (We can provide you a copy, if requested.)