Guidelines to Success

Discovery Primary School
Guidelines for Success

Before and After School

Students will arrive and leave from school in an orderly way.

·        Students may enter the building at 9:10.

·        Students should not arrive at school before 9:10 as there is no supervision before this time.

·        Students who arrive before 9:10 should wait outside in front of the main entrance or wait quietly in the main office.

·        Students should not be on the playground before or after school as there is no supervision.

·        At the 9:10 bell, students will walk to their classroom.

·        When students finish with breakfast, they will leave the cafeteria and go to class.

·        Preschool students will follow their own rules and expectations for entering and leaving the building.

·        Students riding the special needs bus will be met by their teacher/assistant at the buses and will enter the building with direct supervision.

·        Students waiting for the buses are to stay in line when going to their bus area, with a supervisor.

·        Students being picked up by parents should go directly to parent pick-up




The restrooms will be clean for everyone’s use.

·        Use restrooms appropriately and leave them clean.

·        Put toilet paper in the toilet.  Flush the toilet.

·        Leave stall unlocked after use.

·        Wash your hands with soap and water.

·        Please do not splash water.

·        Leave the restroom as soon as you are finished.

·        Use quiet voices and respect the privacy of others.


Lunch and Breakfast

The eating areas will be a safe and clean environment where people are courteous.

·        Walk to the lunch/breakfast area.  Always walk in the lunchroom area.

·        Keep hands and feet to yourself.  Sit on the bench with your feet under the table.

·        Please do not touch or play with the curtain in the gym.

·        Always speak with quiet, inside voices.

·        Eat politely.  Do not play with your food.

·        Raise your hand to be excused or when you need help.

·        Clean up your area and stack your tray carefully on the cart.



Students will be respectful before and during all assemblies.

·        Respond to school-wide signal (clap pattern, followed by school-wide cheer) by:

o   Looking at the speaker

o   Being silent

o   Listening to the speaker

o   Keeping hands and feet to themselves

o   Thinking

·        Follow entrance and exit procedures.

·        Sit in assigned areas without disturbing others.

·        Be respectful listening and only use applause to show appreciation.

·        Remain seated until the teacher gives a signal to stand.



Students will play safely at recess and when using equipment.

·        When the bell rings, stop your play and line up.

·        Rough play is not allowed.  This includes tackle football, pulling on coats, grabbing and kicking.

·        Take care of the equipment.  Place equipment back on the cart when the recess bell rings.  Stay in assigned areas unless you have permission to leave.

·        Walk under the covered area when going and coming from recess.

·        The gates need to stay closed.

·        Running games are for the field area only.

·        Please don’t climb the fence.

·        Remember to leave hard balls, toys and personal items at home.

·        Take turns in all games and on the equipment.

·        Swinging coats, backpacks, necklaces, ropes, etc. is dangerous.  Please don’t do this.