Daily Schedule

Preschool Schedule:  The preschool schedule for both AM and PM students will be Tuesday through Friday. There is no preschool on Monday.
First Grade and  Kindergarten: Every Monday school will start one hour late, with the exception of conference weeks and Thanksgiving week. (Check the school calendar for the dates.)
1 hour late start on Mondays  (see District Calendar)
10:05  Doors Open - Warm Up Activities
10:05  Endeavour Bus
10:10  Hedden Bus
10:20  Announcements and late bell
*see rest of schedule below

Tuesday - Friday

9:05 Doors Open – Warm Up Activities

9:05 Endeavour Bus

9:10 Hedden Bus

9: 20 Announcements and late bell


*11:10-11:35--- lunch 1

11:35-11:55---recess 1

11:40-12:05----lunch 2


12:10-12:35----lunch 3

12:35-12:55---recess 3


1:40-1:55 ----PM recess1


2:00-2:15----PM recess2

2:20-2:35 ----PM recess 3


3:20 Endeavour Bus

3:30 Hedden Bus

3:30 School Dismissal