Conferences at Discovery

Parents or teachers may request a conference at any time during the school year.  Teachers will contact the parents by phone if it is a conference that is NOT part of our mandatory Fall or Spring conferences.  Parents may request a conference by calling or writing to the teacher.  

Please inform the teacher in advance if an interpreter is needed at the conference.

 Teacher-Parent-­Student Conferences

Our fall and spring conferences are Student-Led Conferences.  During these non-school days, students are expected to attend and participate in their conference with their parent.  We will work on goal setting with students in the fall.  This format increases the level of parent and student input, focuses on student responsibility for their success and includes more families in the education of their children.  Our conference schedule includes more late afternoon and early evening conferences to accommodate our working families.


Students are expected to attend their conference with their parent(s). This is a school day. No shows for conference will appear as an unexcused absence until the conference is rescheduled and held.

2017 Fall Conference Dates:  October 18, 19, 20

2018 Spring Conference Dates:  March 14, 15, 16