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Guidelines for Success

Before and After School

Students will arrive and leave from school in an orderly way.

·             Students may enter the building at 9:10.

·        Students should not arrive at school before 9:10 as there is no supervision before this time.

·        Students who arrive before 9:10 should wait outside in front of the main entrance or wait quietly in the main office.

·        Students should not be on the playground before or after school as there is no supervision.

·        At the 9:10 bell, students will walk to their classroom.

·        When students finish with breakfast, they will leave the cafeteria and go to class.

·        Preschool students will follow their own rules and expectations for entering and leaving the building.

·        Students riding the special needs bus will be met by staff  and will enter the building with direct supervision.

·        Students waiting for the buses are to stay in line when going to their bus area, with a supervisor.

·        Students being picked up by parents should go directly to parent pick-up.


The halls of the school will be safe and quiet for everyone.

·        Respect others by not disrupting classrooms or displays on the walls.

·        Use quiet voices.

·        Take a hall pass when not with an adult

·        Keep hands, feet, objects and inappropriate language to your self

·        Remember to walk and stay to the right

Lunch and Breakfast

The eating areas will be a safe and clean environment where people are courteous.

·        Walk to the lunch/breakfast area.  Always walk in the lunchroom area.

·        Keep hands and feet to yourself.  Sit on the bench with your feet under the table.

·        Please do not touch or play with the curtain in the gym.

·        Always speak with quiet, inside voices.

·        Eat politely.  Do not play with your food.

·        Raise your hand to be excused or when you need help.

·        Clean up your area and stack your tray carefully on the cart.


Students will be respectful before and during all assemblies.

·        Respond to school-wide signal (clap pattern, followed by school-wide cheer) by:

o   Looking at the speaker

o   Being silent

o   Listening to the speaker

o   Keeping hands and feet to themselves

o   Thinking

·        Follow entrance and exit procedures.

·        Sit in assigned areas without disturbing others.

·        Be respectful listening and only use applause to show appreciation.

·        Remain seated until the teacher gives a signal to stand.


Students will play safely at recess and when using equipment.

·            When the bell rings, stop your play and line up.

·        Rough play is not allowed.  This includes tackle football, pulling on coats, grabbing and kicking.

·        Take care of the equipment.  Place equipment back on the cart when the recess bell rings. 

·        Walk under the covered area when going and coming from recess.

·        The gates need to stay closed.

·        Running games are for the field area only.

·        Please don’t climb the fence.

·        Remember to leave hard balls, toys and personal items at home.

·        Take turns in all games and on the equipment.

·        Swinging coats, backpacks, necklaces, ropes, etc. is dangerous.  Please don’t do this.


The restrooms will be clean for everyone’s use.

·        Use restrooms appropriately and leave them clean.

·        Put toilet paper in the toilet.  Flush the toilet.

·        Leave stall unlocked after use.

·        Wash your hands with soap and water.

·        Please do not splash water.

·        Leave the restroom as soon as you are finished.

·        Use quiet voices and respect the privacy of others.


Discipline Procedures

Most students will never have serious discipline problems.  To protect the rights of all of our children, it is important that parents and students understand the consequences of misbehavior.   Most misbehavior will be dealt with by discussion or mild consequences in the classroom or in the area where the behavior occurred.   


Office referrals are reserved for dangerous, severe, and chronic misbehavior.  When making an office referral, the referring staff member will complete a Behavior Referral Form.  All major offenses are recorded and a behavior card is kept by the principal for each child who is referred.  Parents may be contacted after any one offense, but parental involvement is required for severe offenses.


Once students are sent to the office, discipline procedures are the responsibility of the principal or acting principal. 


  • Step 1 – Minor Offenses:  Minor offenses include such actions as running instead of walking, inappropriate talking out, or not following directions.  All minor offenses are handled on the spot in class, halls, lunchroom, playground and other areas of the school.   Staff members will frequently ask children to practice the appropriate behavior.


  • Step 2 – Major Offenses:  Major offenses can include spitting on others, throwing objects, leaving school grounds, defying authority, being disrespectful, harassment or bullying.  When these behaviors occur, a student is sent to the principal with an Office Referral Form”.  Possible Consequences for Infractions include:
    • Verbal reprimand
    • Positive practice ( have the student do it the right way)
    • Stay with duty/teacher for short time
    • Time out in the office or on the playground
    • Behavior contract
    • Principal student conference – records will be kept
    • Conference with student, teacher, and parent 

·         Step 3 - Severe Offenses:  Suspension occurs when intervention as prescribed by building procedures have failed to correct the behavior. The following activities may be subject to immediate suspension:

    • Fighting
    • Hitting an adult.
    • Physical, sexual, or verbal abuse
    • Harassment of students or adults
    • Any action which threatens the safety of students or staff, including verbal and physical intimidation.  Threats with toy weapons may be included.
    • Malicious mischief or property damage.


The following will result in immediate suspension or expulsion in accordance with state law:

  • Possession and/or use of a weapon: firearms, knives, pepper spray, throwing stars.
  • Possession and/or use of illegal drugs or alcohol or tobacco products.
  • The student’s presence poses an immediate and continued danger to the student, other students, or school personnel; or an immediate and continuing threat of substantial disruption of the educational process.


Parent notification will be handled in a timely manner, depending on the nature of the offense and consequence.  In all incidents involving Exceptional Misconduct, parents will be notified as soon as possible.


The superintendent of the school district, or the superintendent’s designee, may modify the expulsion of a student on a case-by-case basis.



*Toy weapons of any kind are not allowed at school.  Toy weapons fall under the districts weapon policy and may lead to the student’s suspension or expulsion from school.


*Bullying and Harassment:  Fife School District strives to provide students with optimal conditions for learning by maintaining a school environment where everyone is treated with respect and no one is physically or emotionally harmed. In order to ensure respect and prevent harm, it is a violation of district policy for a student to be harassed, intimidated, or bullied by others in the school community, at school sponsored events, or when such actions create a substantial disruption to the educational process.  Students are expected to speak and act respectfully at all times.  Students who use language and actions that intimidate and demean others will be dealt with immediately. Parents will be notified.  Please refer to: Fife School District Rights and Responsibilities Manual.

School Wide Management Options


Possible Positive Reinforcement Strategies

Students may be recognized for appropriate behavior or for growth through the following methods:

  • Specific positive comment regarding appropriate behavior
  • Positive note to the Principal
  • Invitation to sign the Principal’s book
  • Note or phone call home
  • Extra recess or extra privileges

Rocket Awards

Students are rewarded for positive behavior choices and academic achievement through our Rocket Award program.  When students receive a Rocket Award they are called to the office over the loud speaker. They sign the principal’s book and celebrate their achievement.  The principal either calls home or sends the note home with the student. 


Phone Call to Parent

We believe that many school related problems can be resolved by early contact between the teacher and the parent. We make every effort to use this option early and often. Please make sure current phone numbers are kept on file in the office so parent contacts can be made readily by teachers and administrators. We must have current emergency numbers on file.


Office Referral

Students may be sent to the office for discipline if they have chosen not to follow the school rules. Depending on the infraction, several options are available to the administrator dealing with the office referral.


Contract/Behavior Plan

In some cases, students can be put on a contract or behavior plan which specifies several conditions that the student needs to meet. This is used when repeated misbehavior reaches a point that a student is not meeting with success at school. The contract is developed and monitored by teachers, parents and administrators or counselors, in conjunction with the student.



Suspensions and expulsions may be used to discipline students. There is a progression in the use of discipline in which consequences escalate for repeated offenses.