Discovery’s Annual December Sing Along

Families Welcome!

Discovery Gym

Families will sit with their child’s class on the gym floor or

you & your child may sit on benches in back of gym.

   It is also 100s Chart Reward Day

Reward:  Pajama Day

   Wear pajamas!   Wear jingle bells!

      Santa hats, elf ears or antlers encouraged!

Parents may take their student following the sing-along.

Please follow sign out procedures.

Morning sing along at 10:00

Afternoon sing along at 1:15

Friday, December 18

THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE.  It is a sing-along! 


 10:00 1:15
 Blaylock  Blaylock 
 Ferguson Sullivan
 Gustafson Frazier
 Westlund Wasell
 Nolan Humphreys
 Schmitz Fozzard
 Tanabe Thomas
 Antonowicz Jones
 Herpst Macoubrie
 Cheshire Smerer
 Pahlen Hunt
 VanRavenswaay Matson
 Schlumpf Johnson
 Jean Swan