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Dude, where's my catalog?
For the first time in, oh, as long as we can remember, PTA is not sending a fundraising catalog home. We decided to try something new this year that will hopefully save everyone a little money while keeping the PTA in the black. On October 7th (6th for the kindergarteners who don't have class that day), we will be holding our first Walk-A-Thon. From now until September 30th, students will be collecting donations to fund the PTA. Here are just some of the reasons we've taken this bold new direction.
  • We can colllect less money and do more good. With sales, the best we can do is keep about 50% of everything the kids sell. So to get the $20,000 we're aiming for we'd have to get kids to sell $40,000 from the catalog. That's a lot of tiny boxes of chocolate, wrapping paper and kitchen gadgets. In addition, unlike catalog sales, Walk-A-Thon donations are completely tax-deductible.
  • A Walk-A-Thon will get the kids involved in a healthy activity and promote movement and exercise.
  • No catalog sales = No huge pile of discarded catalogs. The trees thank you.
  • Every child can participate and feel like a part of the effort.
  • We think this will be FUN.
If you can join us on the 7th, we'll need lots of volunteers! Oh, and there are still prizes for participating. Cools prizes, in fact.
Please toss whatever donation you can into the envelope that comes home. And ask your friends, family and co-workers to toss a little bit in as well. We suspect a lot of them will be relieved not to have to search through a catalog for the most inexpensive item.
Special thanks to the local businesses that are generously donating to make the Walk-A-Thon a success: Northwest Embroidery, Milton Albertson's, Water To Go, Yoga with Kim and The Lash Boutique. We couldn't do it without them!!!